When it comes to setting the desired mood in your bedroom, colour, lighting, texture wall design of bedroom and each object plays a powerful and important role in the space. a comfortabl.

A comfortable and nice atmosphere in your bedroom will improve your sleep and you will wake up every morning feeling refreshed and relaxed a good bedroom design will transform your whole day into a great one!

From retro glam to floral flair with just a little imagination walls can take on entirely new looks here are 12 easy ways to put some wow into your walls

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Color for wall design for bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

The color you choose for your bedroom walls bedding, flooring, and furnishings directly influence your general frame of mind.

So choose tones that provide a calm. Sensation bright and vibrant colors can be fun but sometimes it’s best not to use them within a bedroom.

Instead, use calm, cozy and relaxing colors like earthy tones, muted greens, rose or peach.

If you would still like to incorporate bright colors in your bedroom use them as accents on your pillows, artwork or in some specific detail.

Wood assent Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

Doing a wood accent wall design for bedroom can be a little bit scary when you want to do it from scratch.

So I’m super hyped to tell you that there is an alternative and that’s it with using reclaim Arbor that is a peel and stick paneling.

It is so easy and directions are literally four steps. Remove it from the box, gently sand the painted wall, peel the adhesive and stick it directly onto the wall. Sounds easy!

3D wall panel for Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

You can place these panels in your bedroom behind your bed wall. But I’m going to show you a different way.

If you do not want to adhere it to the wall, this is an alternative for you. I wanted to give a shout out to CSI Wall Panels for sending me this pack for me to try.

It comes 12 in a pack. The squares are about 19 1/2 inches by 19 1/2 inches, so it covers, probably like three feet by nine feet of wall space.

So you’ll probably need more if you wanted to do a feature wall, but for this project, you only need a pack.

And this is what it looks like. Before you start using the panels, you wanna make sure it’s in the room where you’re going to install it for 48 hours so it can get adjusted to the environment.

This particular design,  called Gap, For this project you will need a base, and you can chose wood for this.

Wall design for Bedroom

In addition to the plywood, you should also purchased four strips of the outside corner molding. These are gonna be use to conceal the sides of the plywood.

So the first thing that you have to lightly sand the edges of the wood, Oh, and be sure to remove all the labels as well.

Next glue the molding to the sides of the plywood using RapidFuse Wood Adhesive. It sets in 30 seconds, it cures in 30 minutes, and it’s a strong bond. T

is what it looks like with the molding on it, it looks so much cleaner now.  You simply want to stir up your can and paint in the direction of the grain.

Make sure you follow the instructions on the back of the can. You wait about two minutes and then wiped the stain away with a rag.

So here’s what it looks like, it takes about eight hours for the stain to dry. It’s much quicker if you decided to paint it.

So the last thing that you have to do is glue the 3D panels to the base, and what you want to do is determine where you want it, flipped it over, and add E6000 to the back.

Flipped it back over, wait 24 hours before the glue dried, and then hung it on the wall, and that’s it, guys.

This is a way to have some really cool, interesting 3D wall art that doesn’t have to be affixed.

Patchwork Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

Put some pizzazz in your wall design for bedroom with patchwork. It’s an unexpected pattern that adds texture to any room and it’s great for couples.

Who can’t decide on a single print. In this bedroom we chose not just one paper but three to make sure the designs complement each other.

Rather than clash start with a graphic print as the base and then accent with your other favorites.

Here we used a strong floral first and then added a subtle pinstripe and houndstooth both in the blue color palette

Painting Strips for Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

Painting strips on a wall is a great way to get a bold, graphic look to wall design for bedroom.

You could run the strips vertically up and down, which can make the room look taller. Or horizontally left to right, which can make the room feel more spacious.

You can also play with the thickness of the stripes. Just remember, the thinner the stripes, the busier the pattern, and the more patience you’ll need in taking them off.

First, paint your base color across the entire wall, using the lighter shade of the two colors you’ve picked.

Let it dry for at least 24 hours. Now you’re ready to stripe. Remember, to get straight lines, don’t expect a tape measure and multiple pencil marks to do the trick.

In easy to get mixed up and make a lot of mistakes. Plus, not every wall is precisely straight or at a 90 degree angle.

Using a level is the best way to get your lines nice and straight. Next up, figure out your stripes spacing.

This is important to ensure you end up with an even and consistent pattern on your entire wall. How to calculate stripe width.

Choose a stripe width that can be evenly divided into wall’s width or height. Generally, four to 12 inches is a good width.

For vertical stripes, measure the width of the wall. For horizontal stripes, measure the height of the wall. Here’s a quick tip. Paint an odd number of stripes on your wall.

This will ensure you get a complete pattern on your entire wall surface. Make small marks on the wall where each of your stripes will be. An easy way to do this, create a guide the exact width of your stripe, and use it to make your marks.

And don’t worry if your measurements don’t come out completely perfect. Variations up to a half inch are not visible to the eye. Now you’re ready to create the outline of your stripes. If using a traditional level and pencil, mark your stripe widths across the wall.

Use your level to draw a light line continuously across, and make sure they’re straight. If using a laser, you don’t have to worry about it. The lines are already done for you.

Put a tiny x in each of the stripes that you plan on painting. This helps you keep the pattern and spaces organized. Now it’s time to apply FrogTape.

Be sure to use the right grade for the surface. Here we’re using delicate surface, because this wall was freshly painted. Here’s a good tip. When applying the tape, place it on the outside of your pencil line.

That way, the paint will cover up any marks you made on the wall. Always remember to seal all the edges or burnish the tape by running a plastic putty knife or card along the tape’s edge.

That prevents gaping were the paint can bleed through. When its time to pull off the tape, try not to wait until the paint fully dries.

Pulling the tape off immediately will give you super sharp lines. Always pull the tape off slowly at a 45 degree angle backward toward the wall. And don’t forget to control the tape as you pull it off.

You don’t want it dragging or bouncing around on your freshly painted stripes. Painting stripes takes time and patience, but if you follow these steps, you’ll be sure to make your stripes look crisp and straight.

Wallpaper Design for Bedroom

Small bedroom

Another way to punch up your wall design for bedroom, with paper is to go pop graphic prints make a major statement especially if you choose a single wall to cover.

If you don’t want to go this bold in your living room the bedroom is a perfect place to start and the wall behind your bed is ideal

Learn how to wallpaper successfully with these five tips. We are using peel and stick wallpaper but these application tips can be used with pasted wallpapers.

Read the instructions and label before you begin. Calculate the square footage of the wall to determine how much wallpaper you’ll need. Multiply the length of a wall in inches by the width in inches, divide by 144.

Divide the total square footage by the square foot coverage listed on the roll of your wallpaper. Include square footage for doors and windows.

This allows for matching patterns, waste and trimming. If your pattern has a large repeat, 12 inches or more, buy an extra roll to be sure you have enough for matching.

Be sure the power is turned off. Remove outlet and switch covers. To allow for matching the pattern for repeat less than 6 inches, cut strips at least 6 inches longer than a desired length.

Start in an inconspicuous upper corner. Leave a 3-inch over overhang at the top and bottom. Trim the excess with a wallpaper razor blade. Start applying the second and subsequent pieces starting at eye-level.

Line up the pattern on the second strip with the first. Work the strip up and down from that point, lining up the pattern as you press it to the wall. If the pattern becomes mismatched, gently pull the paper back a few inches and realign it.

And gently smooth it with your hands. Then use the brush in the same motion to continue removing bubbles.

For stubborn air bubbles, gently peel back the wallpaper and reapply it to the wall. After positioning your paper strip, locate your outlet.

Be sure the power is turned off, then carefully cut an X with a wallpaper razor over the box. Use scissors to trim the excess paper.

Wallpapering is a project that takes patience. Just take your time and follow these simple tips, you’ll get stunning results.

Decoupage Wall design for Bedroom

As wallpaper without actually paper in your walls decoupage is a decorative but simple way to do it and inexpensive too especially if you use what you have around the house.

Here we use an assortment of wrapping paper. We based our design on one from a pattern book called modern vines then painted a green stem down the wall and glued on paper leaves options are endless with this technique so have fun and get creative with your own designs

Wall hanging letters Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

Sometimes it’s a good thing to see the writing on the wall hanging letters. Our fresh approach to art and you can be the artist a brightly painted wall makes the best backdrop for letters.

They really pop against lime green peel the adhesive backing off the letters and let your decorating style guide your design you can create names phrases or unique shapes.

Stencil Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

Way to add style to your wall design for bedroom is with stencil from elegant patterns to geometric prints there are endless options.

Stencils come in lots of patterns, so find your favorite, and let’s get started! The first thing to do is hang the stencil, so you’ll need painters tape and a level.

We’ve found that it’s helpful to place a piece of tape on one side before it’s level—it’s easier to position the stencil with one side already taped down.

Now it’s time to paint. Large brush are great for stenciling because they hold a lot of paint and allow you to work quickly.

You’ll dip just the tip into the paint, and then off-load onto a paper towel. Off-loading helps distribute the paint evenly into the bristles. To paint, use light pressure and a small swirling motion.

Be patient, and allow the paint to build up slowly. Small triangle one on each corner of the design—are called registration marks.

They’ll help you line up the stencil each time you move it, so mark them with a pencil, and just erase the marks when you’re done.

When you’re ready to move the stencil, carefully peel it off, line up the triangles, and keep painting. Remember to off-load every time you load because, this type of brush holds a lot of paint.

Speaking of a lot of paint, paint will build up on your stencil after a few uses, so clean it off with soap and warm water anytime you need to.

And before you know it, you have a gorgeous accent wall! But these stencils aren’t just for large projects like walls. Use them to update a piece of furniture… Or even try layering multiple colors—you’ll just shift the stencil a bit with each new color. Whatever you choose, have fun with it!

Decorative dishes for Wall design for Bedroom

Decorative dishes are another inventive way to dress your wall design for bedroom.

Your favorite mismatched plates can create an elegant polished look above a bed makes a perfect place for display.

Before hanging lay the dishes on the floor to craft a design that you love tape off the spots on the wall then choose a pink color that complements all of them we love this vibrant pink

Wall design for Bedroom

Frame for Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom

Give your mismatched frames a makeover and turn them into their own picture. It is a easy diy wall design for bedroom.

There are great alternative to hanging a mirror or piece of art when choosing frames. If they are not the same color make them the same.

We spray-painted all of ours with a rich black paint it really pops against a pink wall but be sure to have fun with different textures and shapes Mick circles and squares and play around with layering for a modern edge we use black and white accents to complete this look

Atlas for Wall design for Bedroom

Wall design for Bedroom


Whether you’re planning a trip or just fantasizing for the future and map mural brings culture to your bedroom and now you can actually buy wallpaper that’s the world or your favorite state.

It’s a great conversation piece and a quick affordable easy to apply wall accessory here we place it in the bedroom against your  a bed and it really stands out and as  you can plan your next romantic getaway.

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