About Us

Space designer is a full service, interior designing firm. Our interior designs are driven by vibrant color & pattern complimented with textural & sculptural details. With our eclectic style, anything global and cultural tinues to inspire our interior design


Home Improvement 

We’ve got the expertise to match our energetic travel, approach.Wecherish family and understand modern lifestyles. Our team is full of laughter, while being serious about your project and its outcome.

Up-to-date knowledge of industry standards, products, and trades people keeps the Atelier team at the top of their game. Collaborating with the best experts in the field, we value the vision and expertise of craftspeople and contractors in our community.

Everything you need to Build a Better Home

According to some of the area’s leading designers, homeowners are becoming bolder in their design choices, embracing color and getting creative with their textures and patterns. The goal being to create harmonious rooms that include natural materials and an array of textures.

Creating a new home for yourself is all about setting goals and taking the steps to achieve those goals.

While a budget should be in any goal statement, it's such an important piece that it's included here as a separate task.

While you might think you can go it alone, assembling a team of tried and true professionals is the better approach.

Every large project I've ever worked on has had this one thing in common. The owner, whether a private developer, government agency, or corporate entity, knew the importance of planning the project in detail before starting to build.

You've worked hard and spent more than a few dollars to create your new home, so enjoy it to the max. Revel in the way the light falls across a room and how it changes with the seasons.