The bathroom design trends we ’re seeing for 2020 are eclectic and have a broad range, so you’ll be sure to find something that fits your home and your taste. My search around local model homes, as well as the worldwide web, has brought me several sources of reliable information on bathroom trends.

Bathroom Design Trends two thousand and twenty Home design and decor trends seem to follow certain “macro-trends” that stem from the way we live and work. You may have noticed over the last few years that minimalism is a consistent trend in design.

As our lives have become more complicated, we look to our home spaces to be more relaxing and simplistic, less cluttered and fussy . Take a look at four macro-trends that drive today’s bathroom design.

Macro-Trend #1

Wellness is on our Minds As our lives have become more stress-filled, people in our society seem to have focused more on the important things in life.The enjoyment of family and friends is important, and having meaningful experiences, as opposed to collecting a lot of stuff.

We all long for our homes to reflect those values and become a place to recharge. A well-designed bathroom is certainly a great place to recharge from and prepare for a hectic day. Wellness has been a significant trend for the kitchen and bath industry, as well as for real estate and new construction.


Open concept We’re seeing floating vanities in model homes in our area. Visually they add space to the bathroom. They may seem to take away some storage space compared to the traditional vanity that reaches the floor. A smart storage system will solve that problem.

We’re seeing more open concept showers. The tub and shower combo is an upgrade in many model homes today. Look for that feature to become common in the next few years.


Old Decorating Rules are Out Modern bathroom design trends have been moving towards a bathroom that fits in with the decor in the rest of the home. The color combinations, architectural designs, and a blend of luxury and comfort are more personal and individual.

The good news is, you can create a spa-like relaxing bathroom in keeping with your own decorating tastes. Today’s homeowners are demanding more style choices, more elegance, and more choices in lighting and fixtures. Personal style reigns in the bathroom. A lot of the old rules are out, so go ahead and hang a chandelier over the tub. A touch of elegance adds to the luxury feel.

We’re also seeing artwork in the bathroom …you might as well have something to gaze upon as you luxuriate in your own home spa! A caveat for home sellers: Avoid too much personalization in the bathroom, as in any room of your house. Don’t make buyers work too hard to overlook your personal preferences while they ’re on their way to making an offer on your home


Natural Elements Natural and organic materials like natural stone, concrete, timber, and timber veneers are increasing in popularity. Timber paneling reminiscent of the 70s sauna, but in an updated version, is making a quiet comeback. On-trend with the rest of the home, designers are bringing wicker, baskets, and natural materials into the bathroom to enhance the spa-like feel.

Nature-oriented bathrooms are becoming very popular and the look is relatively easy to achieve. To create a biophilic environment in the bathroom, you don’t have to add a verticle plant wall to your bathroom (although it would be awesome!) . Most of us don ’t have the room or light in our bathrooms to pull it off successfully. There are several easy additions you can make to bring nature in: Add some potted plants to your bathroom, even if it ’s one plant in a window. Plants will not only add visual beauty, but they also clean the air.