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The complete make-over kit for your entrance

Like the first sight of a beautiful women ones first limes of an interior space make great impact.

The Entrance has the first and last word when it comes to guests. It should say welcome with real enthusiasm, goodbye with special warmth and with a little coaxing reveal volumes about the people living there. Entries are like appetizers….small, appropriate sample of the main course to come!



Floor Design

The appropriate overture to a harmonious dwelling, practical needs, attractive designs and a modern way of living deserves to be brought into harmony right at the front door – which signifies auspicious beginning.

Geomagnetic designs on the floor always seem to impose symmetry on their surroundings, which make them particularly useful for hallways that are of irregular shapes and with odd corners. It is a good idea to avoid matting of any sort for it can be slippery and the loose weaves can be trap for heals.



Good lighting plays an important part in this area, where guests touchup their appearance and are made welcome. Lighting in hallways, corridors and staircase should be clear and bright for reasons of safety as well as aesthetics. Even in daytime, natural sunlight coming through glass doors, transoms, etc. is seldom adequate and needs a boost from ceiling fixtures which shed a uniform glow.

Wall texture

Hallways and entrances are at a constant risk of getting scratched, marked or chipped , so that finishes must be highly durable. One can use interesting wall texture with rich colours. Vinyl wall covering are always practical in halls as they withstand all sorts of rough treatment. Steer clear of gaudy colours and too much contrast, which can make this space too prominent in itself and alien to the rooms onto which it opens.

Transitional spaces

As the name suggests, are the crossroads or the traffic routes of an interior space. There are likely to be several doors leading to the other central areas. This is important to remember as in a well decorated and designed space one should be able to leave doors open and find that the colour scheme of one room compliment the other one.


One of the best thing about these areas is that they accommodate any number of pictures and general memorabilia. Accessories like a modest art objet, a souvenir, photographs, etc, lend it a touch of real character. The use of mirror – an almost indispensable aid – can help exaggerated a small space as well as reflect maximum light.

When placed over a table or shelf, mirrors are useful to check appearance. If there is a window at a wide landing on the turn of the stairs the space can be transformed into a miniature consenvantory with 5rellis on the walls.

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